Jacksons Jewellery Repairs

High Class Jewellery Repairs Done On-Site

Professional Jewellery Cleaning On Site Whilst You Wait - Alcester, Warwickshire

Jacksons Jewellery Repairs has an on site polishing shop in which we are able to deep clean jewellery by buffing rings to remove scratches *where possible*. We then polish the jewellery using various polishing mops and materials and then clean it using an ultrasonic cleaner (which sends sound waves through a vat of water and chemical mixture) removing dirt from all the nooks and crannies!

We are also able to rhodium plate (put a white gold coating on an item), gild (put a yellow gold coating on an item) and rose gild (put a rose gold coating on an item).

You can put whatever colour coating on whatever colour gold to create the look you want! Example: rhodium plate a yellow gold ring or rose gild a white gold ring.

Don't worry about it being 'stuck' that way; plating wears off of jewellery over time and can even be removed via polishing if necessary.

We include a full clean and polish (and plating where required) in all of our repair costs.

All available to do whilst you wait!